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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Cbd oil for cancer treatment texas county

oil asthma cbd vaping



  • oil asthma cbd vaping
  • Top 6 benefits of cannabis for asthma
  • 2. Cannabis as an Antibiotic
  • Sep 11, Asthmatics should not be vaping. Get a good CBD oil to drop under your tongue. There should not be any smell. Do not buy hemp oil. Aug 13, Some forms of medical marijuana, such as CBD oil may be legal, but Smoking or vaping are likely to irritate and worsen asthma symptoms. During an asthma attack, a CBD vaporizer or tincture is ideal as it will give immediate results without irritating the system. However, if vaporizing CBD leads to.

    oil asthma cbd vaping

    I would love to be considered for a study if there were to be one. I am asthmatic since am now 55yrs. How do I go about vaping and what substances do I use and how do I administer the mixture having no tube here.???? I am coming off and asthma attack in the last 24hrs. I can assure you that i use a vape as well and it helps break up the mucus and as a result I dont have the panic attack that comes from not breathing.

    The only problem with it is how most people abuse the use of the herb. The use of medical drugs does not help but rather leaves the problem reoccurring. I am asthmatic since 25 years just tried the hash for the 5th times Im using it with cygarette but till now nothing changed.

    I've had asthma my whole life, I started smoking around Sounds bad I know, but I used to have around asthma attacks a year, spending up to 3 weeks in the hospital at a time To be honest, I'm going to start vaping smoking the bong doesn't do much help, a lot of people's comments have persuaded me to give it a shot, though!

    I am old geezer from Colorado and the jury is still out for me. I remember back in the 70's the first time I smoked pot it was a revelation. The first time really blew me away as that was not even on the radar. So I smoked through high school and years after. I have chronic asthma and lung volume was in the 70's when I was in my twenties. Then I really did not use marijuana until the past three years or so.

    I have tried a variety of strains and mixed strains, sativa, indica, CBD oils, THC oils, scripts, home grown, vaporizers, nebulized, oral, through the skin, etc.

    All have a similar effect. One thing CBD does very well is take the edge off anxiety and fright. For that, it is truly a blessing. Do come back and let us know if this happens, and which strain works for you.

    Thanks for your testimony. Hi all, Every time I have a strong wiff of pot I go into a full blown Asthma attack. I'm curious if anyone similar has tried the canniabs inhalers. Really would like off the steroid inhalers. It is a different strain to what I've smelled before so it could be that. Lol, so I am not the only one that is affected by smells! Just strong smells it seems to get my asthma started and then I have to control it.

    I have a friend that smokes pot so every time I am at his place lol my asthma is a mess. I've had asthma all my life so used to it but I'd love to get off the meds it really turned me into a couch potato.

    I used to be really active when I was younger asthma wasn't as bad but the older I got the worse it got. Can someone send me the info of how to get started and what I'll need. Ive had asthma all my life and need assistance when trying cannabis. Is there a pill form and machine to use? Is there a guide?

    Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor.

    You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. We hope this is helpful. I suggest using the oil and just putting it in your mouth twice a day or vaping it I can tell you definitively that THC acts as a bronchiodialator. I have had several asthma episodes in the past.

    While visiting CO in the winter, I caught the flu and developed pressure and soreness in my chest, shortness of breath, wheezing, and an unproductive cough. This can't be placebo effect because I wasn't expecting this effect. As a asthma sufferer for 27 years. It wasn't until I started smoking marijuana that my asthma goes away.

    I'm allergic to things such as pets, pollen, cold weather. Every time I'm around those things my asthma flares up but one day I was at a friends house who happen to have 2 dogs and I felt like I was suffocating about to pass out. My friend gave me a little mj rolled up and the asthma went away right away. Another scenario when I moved to Los Angeles I lost my albuterol inhaler.

    With no insurance I just had to give marijuana a another chance. Rolled it up on raw paper and it hasn't been back since. So I do strongly believe Marijuana is a great substitute for inhalers. CBD oils are doing miracles in me. Completely legal and no THC. It has helped me with inflammations issues. Even if it's only a tiny bit. Something to do with metabolizing.

    We bought some cbd oil and I was afraid to try it because I have Afib, but I am having so many problems with my asthma, I have decided to try it. I just put some drops under my tongue. I sure hope it helps. I can't smoke anything so will the oil get to my lungs and work as an anti inflammatory there too like it should for my joint pain from lyme? I have asthma and used a water soluble CBD product from dutch Natural Healing in a nebulizer 3 months ago.

    My doctor is flabbergasted: My life has changed. Be sure to use a water soluble product. Oil or vape liquids won't have the same effect. I have had asthma my whole life using all kinds of inhalers many times a day and have done alot of treatments with corticoids and nothing really works long term.

    Has anyone tried a plain ordinary nebulizer to vaporize Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil? The vapor comes out of the mask beautifully, but I don't know if this an effective and safe way to use the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. A nebulizer is a very effective way for me because I have a compromised gut system from Crohns. I was having asthma in my past and got into even more worse conditions.

    Then i started using cannbis CBD Oil products that really helped me in every circumstances. Soon above months I was feeling normal and my breathing was also normal. Cbd oil is made from hemp. You can get it without any thc in it and it is legal in all 50 states because it is made with the part of the plant that does not have any mind altering effect like the medicinal Marijanna.

    You take it orally and it does help the lungs with out needing to inhale it. I would voluntarily partake in any study if it helps improve my lung capacity, i use 2 x asthavent inhalers monthly and i am on Nuelin tabs if i don'd take my tabs i cant breathe the day, yes i am obese, just mention walking and i cant breathe, i am so desperate this is getting worse and my quality of life and any assistance will be well appreciated at this stage.

    Tears in my eyes as i type. I just cannot anylonger. I did some research and decided to use cannabis habitually to see if it would help my asthma situation. At the time I was going through one albuteral inhaler every two weeks.

    I hated the side effects of jitters and such. After one week of use I noticed a tremendous difference. After a month I no longer had to worry if I had an inhaler in my pocket. I threw it out. Asthma should be a Debilitating Condition for medical use. I've had asthma all my life and my experience with smoking weed has been good for my asthma I feel more relaxed and my breathing is great I think that MJ should be legalized because it safer than achohol and your not going to overdose or die from it I understand drugs like meth,cocaine,heroin,pills,and many other dangerous Drugs being illegal,but pot is no where close to being a dangerous drug it's a herb for goodness sakes it's all natural nothing man made like all this crap the pharmacy company push down our throats on television day after day..

    Thanks everyone for suggestions, but please, when you mention your experience tell us in what form you used cannabis products Please complete your sentences You may want to read this article for some advice: Please post sources and or medical qualifications Without a medical background I don't know whether or not to believe you!

    Thanks for your comment. The author of this article does not have medical qualifications, but is an experienced and diligent researcher and writer specialising in the field of cannabis. Sources are linked to throughout the article; the links are in green. I ha e asthma and I have a constant cough that is very annoying!! I was wondering if cbd oil would help! Would appreciate a response, thanks!!

    As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult our registered healthcare professional. This article about the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis might be useful for you to show your healthcare provider if they are not familiar with it.

    You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. This are our pages on medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis strains , which you might also find interesting. I read through every comment and was amazed at the volume of asthma suffers.

    I too suffer from asthma and have great relief with CBD oil. The first night I used the oil I woke up to clear my lungs with coughing. It was like I took an expectorant. Then with only a few drops before bed I have had control of my breathing. I wish you all the best of luck and relief. The drug for asthma from marijuana has been available over 10years now and has bee improved with a beta blocker. The name can be googled and is available by prescription in Jamaica.

    Before it was available people drank a small amount of it as a home remedy. Best of luck to you and a lot is going to depend on the state your mom is in and what the state laws are concerning her rights or the rights of whom has her medical power of attorney. Stefani Daniels December 20, Husband is ADL independent and socially interactive. But no short term memory which is the source of his agitation and depression.

    Dave Morgan August 10, Can this be used in the aid to stop smoking? If so, at what dosage using the dropper? Sheryll Hall August 6, I have Trigeminal neuralgia ,am being treated with seizer meds for it,am also on a beta blocker and Elavil 10 mg. Can I take CBD? Anna Marrian October 29, Did you get an answer for this?

    I have the exact same scenario. I think I took too much and there are some weird drug interactions with Tegretol and I felt quite stoned It freaked me out a bit but I think I took too much. I'm trying lower doses again as recently my TN seems to be resisting the meds, although I have had a lot of emotional stress, which seems to be a trigger.

    Lois Campbell August 10, Just recd bottle of cdb and need to know the dosage to take? Taking for pain in knee. Bryce September 7, After 5 days, increase by 3 drops until relief. Karen July 23, I am pre diabetic. I am pounds. I have a bottle of mg doses.

    How many drops would you suggest I take? I have my blood tested every three months. I also have severe osteoporosis and hypothyroidism. Donna July 20, I am 81 with lung cancer. How much CBD should I take and how often. How many drops each time. Joe Spinell August 24, I would start with 50 mg 2x daily and only lower the dosage if you have upset stomach. If you tolerate it well, you can even take more than that. If you live in a state with legal cannabis, I recommend 5 to 10mg THC with it.

    Amanda June 1, The dosages mentioned do not take into account the strength of the tincture. There is no way I cold take this dose twice per day, as recommended on the bottle. The high dosages on this site must surely be for much weaker concentrations? Gary June 12, The article is just a little helpful How about saying x amount of dropper full times or 3x a day and yes factor in the ml see very simple. Heather Root June 16, I just bought my first bottle of the same strength.

    I took two full droppers, for 20mg. Madeline August 11, I am trying to find out how long you can continue to take the oil. Do you take it for a month or a certain amount of days then stop?

    I am just confused about this and would like to find out some answers. Gary June 19, Amanda,I use Elixinol's gel caps and they don't upset my stomach. Those are 15mg each. I currently take one twice a day for chronic pain. After two months I do see some improvement.

    Claire May 25, My son on the spectrum vapes cannabis and it is helpful for anxiety and socialization. I don't know if CBD alone is useful. Jim Mallory August 20, I just started vaping for back pain and am still trying to find the right dosage.

    How does your son determine dosage? Is it the number of times he smokes, the amount of oil he smokes, or what.? Hope you can help me. Valerie Timmins September 11, He started taking CBD capsules, 25 mg each, and likes how he feels - he says it makes him energetic and upbeat.

    I figure if he thinks it works, I'm okay..! Kathryn DeYoung May 20, Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Lori December 20, I also have MS and I'm very confused as to what I should take and how much.

    Please someone reply and give me some info. Marilyn Lundy May 7, I have purchased one bottle of hemp oil mgm. The outer box says read instructions within for dosage.

    It is all in a foreign language. I have severe arthritis of both knees and right hip. I have taken only one capsule each morning. My husband would like to use cbd capsules he has prostate cancer he has had a sucoma tumour 5yrs ago and have been on pain patches since and don't seam to be helping now is there anyway you could advice me the strength he would have to use and how many capsule to use as he would like to start them as soon as possible thanks.

    Jen June 16, Hi Marilyn, I would recommend a topical lotion or salve to start for instant relief.. Maybe to mg tincture to see how you feel. For me, the salve took the pain in my hands away in under a minute. I didn't notice how much the tincture worked until I forgot to take on vacation. Pain that was pretty much gone but came back, I was tired, grumpy and felt horrible. It works, just need to find right product and dosage for you. Karen July 6, I have purchased the same. My bottle says 3 times a day.

    I have endometriosis, hip and knee pain. It helps me by taking it 3 times a day. Katherine Ward October 18, To start half a dropper twice a day.

    After 2 weeks increase as needed. But get the mg. Alex Maldo May 1, Thanks for sharing general advice to assess how much CBD to take for depression. Liz April 25, I have been taking 10 drops of mg CBD oil under my tongue in the mornings. It has been amazing to deal with depression and psoriasis. Val May 6, This is exactly what I need.

    My psoriasis is flaring again: Where did you buy your CBD? How quickly did you see results? Pat August 17, I have had seizures and stopped taking keppra bad side effects. How much do I need and where can I buy most effective for me. Shelly May 20, I am researching cbd oil because of my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I am getting worse and do NOT want to go on a drug that suppresses my immune system.

    Been there done that. It helped the psoriasis but I was sick constantly. How has your experience been? Carolyn June 20, I too suffer from psoriasis. Can you send me the brand you are using. I may as well try it. Glad you have found relief. Rob McWilliam March 24, I don't see any recommendations for water-soluble CBD oil.

    I would like to try it as a gel cap but would like some advise on dosage size. I also want to know how often I should take the CBD treatments. Frank Furr February 28, Gayle December 18, Sharon December 11, For psoriatic arthritis with severe joint involvement what brand, type, and dose should I try. It appears from 1 dose to be having an impact. How many times may I give him this daily or increase the dose daily?

    Georgia Schell November 26, I have CBD mg. Serving says 20 drops and I take 20 in morning and 10 at night. It seems to work to reduce pain from arthritis. No I have bile duct cancer, what dosssge should I use Nate December 5, Pharmacists have since moved to metric measurements, with a drop being rounded to exactly 0.

    Jerry Ramsey November 4, I have severe hip and leg pain from my sciatica what cbd oil do I need and and how much to take per day. JJ February 22, I started with a half dropper full every night then added mornings. I also had sciatica and ITBS. Hardly no pain now. Kunji Rey February 25, Ann April 2, What brand did you get? I have the same issues and would like to stop eating ibuprofen like it's candy.

    I just want to make sure I get a brand that is reputable. Micki October 18, Tammy et al, Through trial and error you will find a correct dosage. Try 50 mg daily Remember, there has never been a death from marijuana or CBD use. You won't get the psych high from it. Helps my friend with PArkinsons tremors. She takes 50mg of tincture and uses the rub morning and night. It is a miracle for arthritis. Tammy M October 9, I have cervical dystonia with head tremors. Been receiving Botox injections with really no good results.

    I want to try CBD oil to calm tremor down but unsure of which one or how much to take. Can you help me? Laura Richards October 8, After fighting the effects of thyroid cancerfor 12 years I wanted to die. Now, please understand that these were thoughts with no actions, I was just miserable in pain. After 1 week on the CBD oil, 5 drops under the toungue 2x per day I am a different woman.

    I now have hope. Cindy September 6, I suffer fr migraines. Currently having Botox injections every three months for the last three years. This has helped went fr 24 to 30 migraines a month to 6 to 8 , now I'm back up to 14 to 20 a month. My doctor thought CBD oil might help. I have also started having anxiety attacks for a year now. I'm really confused with the dosages. Any thoughts would b helpful. Pat keener September 3, I'm a type 2 diabetic, have degenerative dics, osteoarthritis, skin alergies,finger and feet neuropathy.

    What dosage and product is good for these issues. Ebony November 3, I have the same thing. I was told cbd oil mg. Larry August 19, I have crohns dibeates 2 stage kidney failure I take mg of chemicals a day when I get a flair l might lose a lot of blood I've had fistula surgery once darn mean killed me 2 more just gut surgerys little bit of gut removed I tease my gut doctor he schoold just put in a zipper any way I'm looking for something natural to try for pain also where I live if you get caught automatic life so the delima begins how much would any one suggest starting out with thanks for your time also compared to most of the folks mine seems like a minor problem on this site but I would appreciate some advice I hope all you folks have good lives and remember god always loves you even though sometimes you think he may have forgotten you.

    Heidi April 9, Hello I have crohns disease severe also. I also have ulcerative colitis I have had part of my upper and lower bowel removed. I am now trying cbd oil the euphoria one I just started taking it so still learning it seems to be helping a lot I take it 4 times a day about a dropper full.

    If you have any other insight it would be much appreciated Heidi. Pat Irwin August 13, What product should I try and at what dose? I need a high dose. Casey June 3, Hi, I was also diagnosed with MS has anyone given you the correct dosage yet?

    Glenda Bishop August 10, I have severe neuropathy in both feet and legs. I just got the CBD oil and I am interested in learning if anyone out there has had any success with this.

    I know each case and pain levels are different. Just would like to see some positive remarks from people who suffer with it. I am not looking for a cure just need an update on someone who took and it helped. I already know there is no cure. I need help with the pain.

    I had a client using CBD from whole hemp for neuropathy with great success! The most important thing is taking it apart from other medications esp for heart, and giving yourself enough of a dose. If I were you, I would just go slow for the first few days then go up.

    Meyers March 21, I also have severe neuropathy, pain in both knees, hips and lower back. I just bought a bottle of Hemp Oil and an unmarked dropper. I need to know how many drops do I start with. Thank you for any help. Diane March 24, I suffer from severe neuropathy in both feet. I bought some CBD oil today and started with 3 drops at 2 pm and 3 drops at 9: I am praying it works.

    Miss Lyn Nichols July 19, Hi Diane, how did you go on with the CBD oil please. If it worked how long before you saw any results. I'm scared of flaring everything. Nerve damage across buttocks from a surgeon who found the nerve stuck to the bulge during a laminectomy operation and prised it off. I haven't sat for 5 years and getting worse. A muscle in my buttock is now throbbing constantly and causing pain to the muscle above. I've only started taking it today but the muscle pain is still as painful.

    Does it take a while for it to work. Only started on low dose to see what happens. Karen August 13, I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy I picked up some CBD oil yesterday morning. I am prescribed to take 75 mg of lyrica 3x per day.

    I took one yesterday morning and have only used the CBD oil since. I bought the Koi brand, flavored, MG. I used a full dropper yesterday late morning and a full dropper yesterday late afternoon.

    I used it once today one full dropper and I am amazingly pain free. Lauren June 5, I have severe neuropathy from mid torso down. I started reducing the gabipitin every two weeks because of the success with CBD. This is my second attempt to get away from the synthetic drugs with CBD oil. The first time was not taking enough, now I take three dropper full everyday.

    Hi Lauren I've just started today with mg cbd oil. I'm starting low to see what happens. I've nerve damage across buttocks from a laminectomy. I've not been able to sit for 5 years. I've recently started with a muscle spasm in my left buttock and the muscle above is painful.

    It is only the first day, also tried a cbd night time tea as well. Do change in muscle pain so tight on my left hand side. How long before felt it starting to work please. I'm trying not to expect changes straightaway. I also take mg gabapentin and 30mg amitriptyline and I hate both of them - they both can cause muscle tightness affecting the nerve. Jacki August 12, Acupuncture helped my painful feet. They are or never will be perfect but so much better. Just bought some cbd drops trying tobfigure out how much to take.

    Denise August 6, I also have a daughter on the Autism spectrum with anxiety. She weighs about - Does anyone else give CBD to someone with autism, and if so, at what dose?

    Brenda March 23, I have a friend that gives it to her son whom is severely autistic. As a result, there is a clear need to find new ways of controlling this respiratory disease. A study tested the effects of CBD on guinea-pigs induced with an antigen with an asthma-like reaction in order to test its ability to interfere with the effects of the antigen. In the results, the scientists concluded that the use of CBD to target cannabinoid receptors could prove a novel preventative therapeutic method for controlling asthma.

    In their conclusions, the scholars noted that the presence of endocannabinoid components in the central nervous system, combined with high levels of CB1 expression, is proof that the endocannabinoid system is an important regulator of neuroinflammation and may be used as a possible drug target for illnesses that are made worse by inflammation such as asthma. In the development of inflammatory diseases such as asthma, there has to be some sort of interaction between T-cell and allergens.

    The results showed the CBD was able to decrease the serum levels of all analyzed cytokines except for IL levels. This demonstrates that CBD might be a potential new therapy for controlling inflammatory response in asthmatic patients.

    Scientists are still grappling to find the exact methods through which CBD exerts its many therapeutic effects. Taking this into account, there are a few studies that have been trying to shed some light with regards to this matter.

    For instance, a group of scientists recognized that even though neurogenic inflammation through the activation of C fibers in the airway is heavily involved in the development of asthma, their regulatory mechanism was still unknown. In a bid to establish these facts, they tested the how cannabinoids are able to modulate inflammatory reactions using guinea-pigs as models.

    It was found that the two receptor agonists, anandamide and palmitoylethanolamide, prevented electrical field stimulation-induced smooth muscle contraction , but not neurokinin A-induced contraction. Furthermore, anandamide and palmitoylethanolamide inhibited the capsaicin-induced release of substance P-like immunoreactivity from airway tissues in the sample.

    Nevertheless, anandamide did not inhibit capsaicin-induced bronchoconstriction. Generally, the side effects of using CBD for asthma and other atopic conditions is very limited. That being said, according to information from other studies, CBD has a high safety profile, with minimal and mild side effects.

    More research is needed before we can understand the full efficacy of CBD as a treatment for asthma.

    Top 6 benefits of cannabis for asthma

    Oct 13, Cannabis and asthma seem like an odd combination -- until you look at most notably the pine tree, and is also found in the essential oil of rosemary. in the case of an asthma attack, he recommends a tincture or vaporizer. Nov 29, Find out and discover the science behind cannabis and asthma, patients experiences and alternatives to smoking that can be safely tried right. Nov 9, Is vaping marijuana the safer alternative to smoking for people living with COPD? asthma or causing bronchial spasms when vaping marijuana. become very fashionable and use cannabis oil should be avoided,” he says.

    2. Cannabis as an Antibiotic



    Oct 13, Cannabis and asthma seem like an odd combination -- until you look at most notably the pine tree, and is also found in the essential oil of rosemary. in the case of an asthma attack, he recommends a tincture or vaporizer.


    Nov 29, Find out and discover the science behind cannabis and asthma, patients experiences and alternatives to smoking that can be safely tried right.


    Nov 9, Is vaping marijuana the safer alternative to smoking for people living with COPD? asthma or causing bronchial spasms when vaping marijuana. become very fashionable and use cannabis oil should be avoided,” he says.


    Dec 6, Vaping marijuana by warming the plant results in less smoke being These include extracts that may be mixed with food and CBD oils that are.


    Oct 10, We recommend using CBD oils in a vaporizer and don't believe that smoking is the best way to consume marijuana when you have asthma.


    A collection of published research articles and other educational resources about asthma and CBD (cannabidiol).


    One day before presentation and 6 hours after vaping cannabis oil, the man and bronchodilation, which was exploited to treat asthma in the 19th century (5).

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